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The company aims to improve and produce from its own original layer programmes products that will perform in different management, feeding and environmental conditions anywhere in the world. The high flexibility and adaptability of our programmes provides health, productive birds. Regular testing of Dominant CZ’s programmes under a variety conditions invariably produces positive results.

Although our birds differ in their colour, key characteristics such as growth, feed consumption and egg production are similar. This is beneficial for certain breeder customers who wish to offer a variety of products to their customers. DOMINANT CZ provides a ‘one stop genetic shop’.

Currently our selection strategy is focusing on bird temperament, good feather cover throughout lay, high egg production of some 300 eggs per year, higher egg weight at the start of laying period (important for parent stock), high numbers of hatching eggs,strong day old chicks at the commercial product level.

Adaptability and flexibility of our programmes gives many customers an economical advantage in the harsh environmental conditions of developing countries and in small scale egg production operations around the world.