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DOMINANT CZ – selection, breeding, innovation, research

The history and tradition of layer selection in Czechoslovakia commenced in1928. The first closed lines were produced in 1955 at the Dobrenice Research Station under the DOMINANT name. Selection uses internationally recognised genetic principles and latterly their geneticists have applied biological processes to practical selection.

Since 1989, after the political and economic changes in Czechoslovakia, the results of this breeding programme have been internationally available via the sales and export of day olds to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Angola, Nigeria and Ecuador.

Application of selection methodologies

DOMINANT CZ co-operates with universities and animal research institutes to apply the latest technologies to layer selection. In doing this every effort is put into keeping flexibility and robustness in the breeding programmes so that our birds will be suited for different and suboptimal feeding and production practices.

Within this importance is placed on maximal homogeneity and standardisation of all coloured DOMINANT CZ programmes. This results in similar growth parameters and final body weights because of the common synthetic background of all our pure lines. These were derived from Rhode Island, Sussex, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire and Leghorn lines.

Breeding strategy aims to maximise yield from parent stocpcs by the production of large numbers fertile hatching eggs.

Veterinary controls

Strong veterinary control at all levels of our operation produces a healthy end product. Emphasis is placed on biosecurity, the maintenance of high hygiene standards as well as the use of safe feed and the correct storage, transportation and incubation of hatching eggs.

Avian leucosis virus was eradicated in 1994.

Day old chicks are vaccinated against Marek’s disease using a bivalent vaccine.

Declared breeding stock DOMINANT CZ

Lihen Studenec Ltd under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture looks after breeding stock of DOMINANT CZ’s programmes on three farms in region Trebic in Vysocina area of the Czech Republic. Their own hatchery in Studenec produces day old chicks for local and export sales. They operate separate rearing and laying farms. All farms are separated in distances between 3 to 10 km and for security reasons our pure lines are located elsewhere in the country.

The firm DOMINANT CZ cooperates with its foreign customers to achieve the optimal exploitation of DOMINANT CZ programmes in countries and regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. The goal of this international co-operation is to achieve optimal conditions for the shipping of day old parent stock and commercial chicks and to provide the best stock for the actual health situation in the customer’s country.